The Wales Swim Run 27 July 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about The Wales Swim Run? No problem – simply look through our frequently asked questions below, and hopefully you’ll find the info you need.

Please also refer to the Rules for information.

General FAQs

Do i have to be in a team?

Yes - there MUST be two people in your team or you will not be allowed to race.

What Aids are we allowed?

Hand Paddles & swim bouys are allowed.

Tow Floats are optional.

No flippers 

Also see the rules for full information.

Do I need a swim cap?

You must wear the Activity Wales Events swim cap provided for the event. This will be given to you at Registration.

What is the minimum age to enter The Wales Swim Run?

The minimum age is 18 years of age.

  • ZONE3
  • Torq